Introductory Post

Hello there!

So after much egging on by my dad and one of my good friends – you can check out her blog here– I finally decided to write a blog.

So before I dive in, I suppose I ought to tell you some things about myself-

  • I’m a bibliophile – I absolutely love reading and my favourite genre is fantasy fiction with some humour. Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The Shadowhunter Chronicles…you get the gist
  • I love music – I listen to many kinds – English, K-Pop, Tamil, Hindi…K-Pop…
  • I also sing – I learn Hindustani classical music – albeit not very well
  • I love learning languages – and I’m a grammar Nazi
  • I play the Veena – an ancient classical Indian instrument – though I’m not very good and have been on a sort of hiatus since my exams
  • As you might’ve guessed, I love K-Pop and I am a diehard A.R.M.Y.  as well as an IGOT7

I guess that’s all there is to know about me. Wow, I’m really boring, aren’t I?

Anyway, let me tell what to expect from this blog. I don’t have any theme in mind, so I’ll just pen down my thoughts on random topics. I might also do some reviews of books, music, TV shows, etcetera. I may also post a random poem or story or two.

I hope you enjoy my writing! 🙂

Ray (you can call me by this pseudonym)